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Message from Founder & CEO


Study Abroad is an opportunity which can change your life. It is something which can represent you to the whole World. it can make you unique , exceptional and through it you can discover yourself apart from the crowd. 


Study Abroad is such platform where you can experience international platform for higher study. You can meet different people from different nations, you can enjoy multicultural atmosphere. You can achieve globally recognized degrees.

You can build strong communication skills and network. 


So when you have a chance for study abroad , please don't miss to grab it. 

This is a unique opportunity and never waits for anyone. 


Prominent Consultant is a name , a brand has been working since long as an education consultant.  As i  founder of Prominent Consultant , I would like to inform you that I also have a great experience of study abroad which really gave me a lot and I have been working as an education consultant since 2006.


Now we can tell we are one of the top education consultants in Bangladesh .

We are well renowned and popular to our students and these have been possible as we always give preference to our clients satisfaction. We have qualified and experienced team who are committed to give you proper guideline. 


We don't bother about the number of students , but we bother about the quality service we can provide to them. We directly represent more than 150 foreign public and private institutions in different countries around the world so students can get opportunity to choose right destination based on their profile .

Our policy is to advise students about their study destination based on their academic,English and financial background. 


We can proudly announce that we are direct partners of more than 30 Canadian public institutions that very few companies really have in our country. We are also proud to be official partner of France Embassy , Dhaka

Bangladesh to represent Campus France Bangladesh. So we are promoting higher education in France officially with partnership with France Embassy Dhaka.


That's very true , we cannot guarantee your success but we can grantee our honest and transparent guidelines, best support by our skilled and experienced team which can lead you towards your success. 


So if you are planning to study abroad , please try to make your dream journey with us I believe we won't make you disappointed. 


For details, you can visit our website  and Face book pages . You can also subscribe our youtube channel to get regular uopdates of our activities and sucess stories. 


You can also make an appointment to visit our office or you can directly apply through our website. There is an option of live chat in our website , you can also talk to our counselor for the best advise. 


So be with Prominent and make your journey safe and hassle free. 


Best Regards, 

Syed Yousuf Ali

Chief Executive & Founder 

Prominent Consultant  

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